Midweek tennis

November 22, 2017

HERONS defeated Kookaburras in section one of midweek tennis.

The Herons, with fill-in Katie Condliffe taking the place of captain Christine Fuller, had an overwhelming win against the Kookaburras, winning 6/37 to 0/11.

The side took all sets, conceding just 11 games for the day.

Prue Barlow and Lauren Coghill tried hard to take one set for the Kookaburras but Sharna Chapman and Judy Sims dug their heels in and were victorious 7-5, in the days’ closest contest.

In the other section one match, the Peacocks were triumphant over the Doves, with Jan Prigg and Carmel Hay both taking three sets apiece, helping the Peacocks to victory. The final score was Peacocks 5/32 to Doves 1/24


Emus 5/28 def Pelicans 1/8, Magpies 4/30 def Toucans 2/20, Flamingos 3/31 def Wrens 3/28, Finches 3/23 def Robins 3/22.

The Wrens finally had their full side in but it couldn’t get over the line against the Flamingos, who notched up their first win for the season.

With two tie-break sets and both teams winning three sets each, the winning team edged ahead by three games to take the win.

It was even tighter on court 8 with the Finches scraping through for a victory over the Robins by just one game.

The Toucans are yet to score a win but weren’t far away from the Magpies who took 4 sets from them to win their encounter.

The Pelicans couldn’t field a full side but managed to play a few sets, forfeiting the rest to the Emus who collected five sets for the day.

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