Hoppers prove too strong on court for Bloods

July 06, 2017

Tegan Budge (Colbo B Grade) vs Elmore

A Grade

Kate Chirnside started strong, turning the ball over countless times which gave Colbo the jump on the Bloods.

At half-time, Lizzy Cobbles tried some different combinations, showcasing the Hoppers’ versatility with Lou Dupuy shining in the backline.

Colbo ran away with the win 54-9, the awards going to Kate Chirnside and Brydie Lawford.

A Reserve

This week A reserve was determined to get a win under its belt.

With Elmore coming out strong in the first quarter, the girls had their work cut out for them.

Lily Wareham once again had the ball on a string shooting numerous goals, earning herself best-on.

Meg Bennett was pivotal in defence to help the girls extend the lead.

They were able to ease away from Elmore in the final three quarters resulting in a great win, Colbo 67 defeating Elmore 33.

B Grade

B grade had a frosty start to the game with Elmore getting a quick jump on the girls.

After settling in, the girls got the lead in a well-fought game for all four quarters.

It was great to have Anne McEvoy in the backline with drive down the court to keep motivating the girls.

Sheverna Shead was named best-on after a strong game in WD. Colbo came away with a good win, 42-22.

B Reserve

B reserve had a solid game against Elmore, leading all day.

The defenders kept their heads when things got heated and the shooters performed well, Meg Taylor’s accuracy getting her best-on. Colbo won, 50-20.


The Colbo under 17 girls got an amazing start, six goals up in the first quarter which set them up for an exciting 45-39 win against second-placed Elmore.

The hard work of the defenders paid off with many goals saved, the mid-court using those opportunities to safely guide the ball down to the goalers who were on fire.

Ella Coghill held her ground against strong defenders and shot beautifully under pressure to win best-on.


The under 15s started with Anna Lowe taking control of the centre corridor with steady play and by giving direction to keep the ball flowing into the goalers.

Tight defence and accurate goaling saw the score at half-time 23-4 Colbo, allowing for positional changes and bench rotations.

All girls needed to adjust as Elmore mounted a comeback in the third quarter and eventually out-scored the young Hoppers in the last quarter.

But the damage was done and Colbo secured a hard fought win, 50-28.

Well done to Lilly McArdle who played a great game in WD, committed to the ball for the four quarters to win our award.

Primary D

A very frosty morning saw both Elmore and Colbo take a while to warm up, but once they did it was a spectacular game.

Strong passes down the court and accurate shooting resulted in a resounding win for the Baby Hoppers.

Back from injury, Mon Ingram showed she was ready to be back and played hard all game.

Jasmine Moroney was key in goals and showed great potential in other areas of the court as well.

A special thanks to those parents, grandparents and friends that braved the cold early morning to cheer on our baby Hoppers.

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