Hallelujah, tennis gets musical

December 15, 2016

Elmore midweek

This week Elmore midweek women’s competition started its tennis off enveloped in the beautiful harmonies of Leonard Cohen, courtesy of the young men working on the clubs two new hard courts (great taste by the way guys), which was a nice change to our usual army of flies.

Section one

Despite having only two of their four regular players in Christine Taylor and Chloe Whitfield, the Doves continued their winning streak on Tuesday, overcoming the Herons five sets, 32 games to one set, 16 games.

The one set showcased a plethora of great shots from Melissa McKean and Michelle Stone. A big thank you to Katie Condliffe and Trish Wilkinson for filling in for the Doves.

The Kookaburras and Rosellas fought it out in the match of the day. Whilst Mel Haines’ Rosellas had a seven game buffer after four sets, Dee Bowes’ Kookaburras weren’t going to go down without a fight, winning the last two sets but just falling short by three games. Final scores Rosellas three sets, 29 games defeated the Kookaburras three sets, 26 games.

Section two

In section two the Emus and Toucans had a lovely day, enjoying some great tennis with a couple of close sets, 7-5 and 7-6, going to Emus who went on to secure 5 sets for the day. In the end Toucans only went down by six games 29 to Emus 35, but unfortunately they couldn’t secure enough sets.

It was closer on Court 5 between the Finches and Pelicans with only four games the difference 31-27. Heather Hayes Finches secured four sets to Pelicans two, Judi Riordan (standing in for Megan Morgan) certainly had the Pelicans put it up to the Finches, but they were too strong in the end.

Down in the boondocks (court nine) this week Bev Seddon’s Wrens had a close match against Glennis Carson’s Magpies, winning 34-4 to 27-2. Robyn Radley relieved Glennis this week taking out a close one in the final set with Michelle Spence, 7-6 against Dawn Leppard and Louise Barlow. Bev together with Fay Kellett took a beauty by winning 6-1 in their set against Georgina Roberts and Edna Trevena.

Pat Johnson’s Jays certainly showed Shelley Cotchin’s Robins a thing or two as they had a convincing win 37-6 to Robins 18-0, which was a nice change for them as success had eluded them so far this year. Shelley and Ally Rosaia (Lauren Coghill’s stand in) fought hard in the third set against Johnson and Faye Haines taking them to 7-5, but were unable to clinch a victory.

As always though scores don’t necessarily exhibit the play on the day, but there are times when it doesn’t matter what we do we’re unable to do a thing right on the tennis court. Better luck next week ladies.

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